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Haus des Oktoberfest

Worthikids' tumblr blog

Oct 20 '14

66 notes Tags: Drawing the white stripes

Oct 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

that is dnb if anything but definitely not nightcore! not even close to nightcore!!!!

well there ya have it folks

2 notes Tags: I'd say at least I tried but if I was really trying I'd probably have looked up more nightcore definitions lol asks anonymous

Oct 17 '14
yabba dabba doo song (nightcore)

here I have taken that yabba dabba doo song from the flintstones and made it nightcore

(okay fine I have no idea what nighrcore’s supposed to sound like but like really WHo DOes)

23 notes Tags: SOmething about bumping the pitch and putting in drums right and anime Music The Flintstones

Oct 16 '14


update on condition::

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10 notes Tags: worthikids' text posts it's been rough but I think I'm getting better already I actually ate stuff this morning instead of just lying in bed and wobbling around

Oct 15 '14

133 notes Tags: Drawing flcl

Oct 14 '14

reeltoreel asked:

Don't die, Worthi. Who else am I going to bother about remembering to drink water so they don't die of dehydration.

*turns into a fossil*
It’s Too Late 4 Me

5 notes

Oct 13 '14

Anonymous asked:

Worthi when does soap actually come into play in Soap MP3?



22 notes Tags: asks anonymous sorry about no pages I think it's going back on hiatus until I'm at least aware of what's going on with meself

Oct 13 '14
The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)


The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends

1,993 notes (via worthikids2 & camovement)Tags: this song has felt rather close to home recently ... except for the part about getting high l ol

Oct 12 '14

an update !

me and my parents (and the internet) have a new diagnosis on my condition

under a readmore cause it’s like… medical-ie and I know some people would prefer not to read that stuff : O

(still gonna see a doctor later but we’re feeling pretty good about this diagnosis…)

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11 notes Tags: worthikids' text posts

Oct 12 '14
And even when your hope is goneMove along, move along just to make it through

And even when your hope is gone
Move along, move along just to make it through

53 notes Tags: Drawing trying to get some food in my stomach while late night drawin... this whole sickness may be caused by extreme starvation apparently : s still gotta see the doc about that though One Piece